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February 14, 2010

The beauty and benefit of a uturus collapse (prolapse)

It has taken me months to finaly reach this point where I can actually feel, with all that I am, that there is something beautiful about my uturus prolapse. All though it might seem strange to some, and even weird to others, I am actually very happy that I now see this light.

(picture from Isha Lerner's website)

The prolapse (and time and a very very professional and experienced osteopath and intense meridian chi kung practise) has 'given' me the gift to get back in touch with my uturus. And my uturus actually means, my deeper self. My real self, the self I was while being a child. Untouched, undammaged, unshamed, unspoiled. My very me in the purest form.

Before I go further, it is probably best to explain that most women store emotional dammage in their uturus area. This is a built up from childhood. Some can better deal with their problems than others of course, and because of that the outcome is different for every body. (I am not a specialist, but this is how I experience it and the information I have gathered a long the years from several specialists in holistic healing. Your MD might think your crazy if you'd tell the above... so I don't even bother).

Like so many other people I have been through some difficult times, starting half way through my childhood years. At this moment in time, I am still not sure what exactly triggered my body problems (or better said: My body no longer able to deal with the emotions or stress and giving out loud signals. Every time the signals were ignored, my body started sending of louder and louder signals. You'll be amazed how long one can and will ignore these signals... until you will come to a point of no return. And sadly enough, for many people this is also the point where there isn't much of a future either...). And while I usually want to know exactly what caused a problem, this time I am not so sure whetter or not it is really relevant. What is much more important: How can I make myself better again. Or/and: What can I do to feel truly free again? Where and how do I carry this burden and let's learn a way to not carry this with me.

So this is basicly a beautiful time. Amazing life questions (for me that is. People in Haiti have much larger problems and questions. But each soul has its own path) seeding in my body and I am sure the paths and answers will grow inside me, as long as I give it light, attention and love.

My osteo told me I will not be able to improve the prolapse by visualizing, but I strongly feel different. I so strongly feel that my uturus needs attention. My attention, and mine only. I need to reconnect with her, we need to become 1 again. Inside her resides my soul and spiritual me. Everything I have longed for for so long, because I could feel I was missing something!

So, I will be focussing on my uturus and trying to undo the prolapse. Visualizing it free and flying. Strong and flexible. Happy, healthy and beautiful.

Happy Valentines day my sweet uturus! Ha ha!! lovely!

1 comment:

  1. nice post girl, very personal, I didn't know one can know so much about their uterus but you have showed me wrong..

    blessing to you and your dear friend in there...